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Dean Lewis

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Adonis Morejon

Architectural Designer

Martine Lewis

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Vice president

Carlos Andres Quintero

Architectural Designer

Alain Amiel

-Permit Expeditor- 
Alain was born in Morocco and settled in Miami with his family in the 60's.
Alain attented Florida State University and after finishing school travelled extensively around the world and has enjoyed a multicultural upbringing.
Alain is a project manager with a speciality in permit management and expediting.  
His hobbies are fishing and sub diving.

Consultants & Engineers


MEP+F Engineers

Restekc, Inc.

R.P.J., Inc.

H. Vidal & Associates, Inc.



Land Surveyors

Ibarra Land Surveyors



Landscape Architects, Site Planners & Golf Course Designers

Bruce Howard & Associates, Inc.



Civil Engineers

Ocean Engineering, Inc

B, A, & K Group, Inc.

Geo-technical, Environmental, Testing, Drilling, Inspections

Dynatech Engineering Corp.



Structural Engineers

Conemco Engineering, Inc.

Zvonimir T. Belfranin, P.E.