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Park Drive

Client :                   Avra Jain, Joe Del Vecchio & Partners    

Program-Scale :    42,019 sf total gross building area & 12,985 sf building footprint                                         (96.2% of lot area), 6 tenant spaces, parking in-site, 3-story building.                                                                                                                                                                 

Building Type :    Limited Commercial. Office-business      

Status :                Completed                                                                                                                                                                    

Project Scope :    Renovations and exterior façade remodeling of the existing 1973 commercial office building with built-in parking structure, located at the Village                                 of Miami Shores. New modern exterior front façade remodeling to update design, introduce more natural light intothe building and modernize the                               entrance and common areas. The existing interiors and office uses are in need of significant non-structural renovation including all building                                         systems. Renovation work will include the common bathrooms, elevator refurbishment, re-roofing, new air conditioning equipment, lighting and                                   finishes. There is no additional floor area being added to the building. The existing parking garageand egress to remain, though renovations of                                   finishes, signage, and lighting are included. Ownership has commenced engineering and permitting approvals for a new forced main sewer                                       installation and connection as per code.


Design Team :     Principal Architect: DB LEWIS ARCHITECTS. Structural - Civil - MEP+F Engineers: B, A, & K GROUP, Inc.                                                                                                                                                                 

Park Drive
Park Drive. Ground floor - site plan
Park Drive. Proposed first floor plan
Park Drive. Proposed second floor plan
Park Drive. Proposed third floor plan
Park Drive. West elevation
Park Drive. Existing-demo & new wall sections A
Park Drive. Existing-demo & new wall sections B
Park Drive. Proposed wall sections details
Park Drive. Existing-demo & new wall sections C
Park Drive. Proposed wall section details
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