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Certificate of Authorization: AA0003652 AR0017357 ID0004536

Morningside Center: MiMo Retail                                                                                             Morningside, Miami, FL

Client :                   MORNINGSIDE CENTRE, LLC

Program-Scale :    14,394 SF of building area (A/C area) in 2 units of 1-story each                                                                                                                                                      

Building Type :     Commercial Retail

Status :                 HEPB and Re-zoning approved                                                                                                                                                

Project Scope :     New construction of 1-story two commercial retail buildings with storage mezzanines and accessible roof terraces exhibit spaces connected                                        through a pedestrian bridge. Project includes required surface parking, landscaping, and hardscaping as a circle with a water feature at the dead                                end of NE 55th Street, adjacent to the existing vehicular landscape barrier, fronting Morningside. 


Design Team :      Principal Architect: DB LEWIS ARCHITECT-THRESHOLDS INTL., inc. Structural Engineer: EDWARD A. LANDERS, P.E. Consulting                                                  Engineers M.E.P.+F. Engineer: VIDAL & ASSOCIATES P.E.